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Secure Line Security Services is the best security guard services company in Bangladesh


One value that seems to hold a lot people back from setting and achieving big goals is the need for security. Security is the feeling of certainty then everything is OK. It’s great to feel secure.If we don’t fell secure we can’t move onto higher levels of dream and success.

Therefore the need for security provider originates / security guard\ service provider

Safety and certainty is the basic need for everyone specialty in Bangladesh. Security issues have become most important factor in our life. Whether it is our living place or office and business location. One question we always ask ourselves, What is the security condition?

A research showed that Office and Homes without security professionals are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by burglar. Then we look for a solution. the smart solution is to ensure security by a professional.

Here Secure Line Security Services come ( Security Guard Service Provider Company in Bangladesh).

Secure Line Security Services provides Guard Service, Lady Security Officer, Gunman with armed / body guard, Corporate Security, Messenger / Peon, Caretaker etc.

Our Guard: our guards are highly professional, trained, committed and well incentive. We

Security Guard:

Our guards are highly professional, trained, committed and well incentive. We set our prospects higher because our clients deserve the best. Our employees guide the best by expert.

Secure Line Security Services has the provisions for all kinds of security personnel. No matter what your security need is, Secure Line Security Services has the resources, training, capabilities and experience to meet your desideratum.

Our security guard services is available for anywhere in Bangladesh

Lady Security guard/Officer:

We provide lady security officer for corporate office where there are numbers of female employees or visitors. Our lady security personal are inculcated, astute, well trained and presentable.

Lady security officers are trained on manners, etiquette’s and security checking. We select all female personnel from among number of candidate to ensure best service.

Gunman with Armed / Body Guard:

Secure Line Security Services is providing well trained gunman armed / unarmed body guard. Our agents generally work in coordination with the local law enforcement agencies to most favorable conditions efficiency.

Secure Line Security Services has highly efficient Driver for the escorting conveyance. They are additionally adequately trained to extricate and elude with the VIP in case of block organized.

Industries Security: 

Secure Line(security guard service) also provide full range of services for corporate office industries and factory. It includes uniform security male and female, supervisor, security in-charge and security officer.

All corporate personnel receive specialized training from Secure Line Security Services. They are also trained on firefighting, emergency evacuation, first aid and on containment of work place violence.


Secure Line Security Services also provide peon and messenger for banks, multinational companies and corporate houses. Before placement they are given sufficient basic training on their duties and responsibilities, manners, etiquette’s, honesty and integrity etc.

Secure Line is a complete security solution for your home, office, factory, industries and business.

Secure Line is a complete security solution for your homeoffice, factory, industry and business. Secure Line Security Services offer professional personnel to protect your life and valuables.

We are available 24 hours a day to respond your phone calls in most expeditious possible time.So this is the time to recruit security personnel by Secure Line Security Services and to have peace of mind.