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Secure Line Security Services in Bangladesh

About Secure Line Security Service:

Secure Line Security Services is one of the leading security service oriented companies in Bangladesh. We have been rendering our professional security services to different government and non-government establishments with excellent reputation. We have a group of professional security guards who are selected and recruited from the Ex-army,ansar and also from the pool of young energetic people who are trained by the Ex- army person.

Speciality of Secure Line Security Services:

Secure line provides security professionals who are trained to protect people and property before an incident occurs.
Our guards remain highly visible and vigilant 24/7, which prevents theft, housebreak, fire, damage or personal injury.
We offer customized security solution to meet your security demand.
We also have guard’s supervisor in each locality who monitors guards performances in that area and also update them about new rules and policies.
We make difference by helping you to stay in a safe and secure environment where you can live and prosper.
Then it is time to recruit ‘SECURE LINE’ security guards and not to ask the neighbors to watch own property.